Commercial and industrial

  • The most important characteristic of the shops is the interior decoration so that it attracts people and pushes them to enter and discover the shop, so we always focus on how to attract attention to the decor of your commercial store, in order to achieve a more beautiful decor equation and more sales

  • The exterior design was created with a concept parallel to the architecture, the cross link between fitness and health and between nature and plants was important for interior and exterior design .The movement of the wave that starts from the ceiling and goes down to the floor shows the building’s claim also in the choice and use of materials.

  • The idea of the project began with wider spaces and a holistic, eye-catching view that makes those who see it feel the luxury of the name. The decor of the place was built on making the lighting and the open space give you a sense of comfort and it makes the use of the most accurate spaces the place larger


  • The furniture and decor specially designed for this project have been carefully selected by the Triangle Group to create a fun and comfortable environment balanced between contemporary designs and traditional Middle Eastern elements.

  • the design of the Kindergarten is so distinctive that the child feels that he is in a pleasant and comfortable place, helps him develop his skills, and gives the child enough space to move within it without fear for his safety and the consistency of colors that expand the child’s imagination

  • environment friendly design Plants and green spaces inside the cafe to create a comfortable atmosphere with a bar inside and fixed seating corners in the English style with unique décor

  • The design concept created for the project rests on the following four foundations: Creating an ad hoc private meeting through the strategic use of hidden doors; Facilitate collaborative and confidential workspaces; Using high quality materials, And specially designed formulations, and finishes worth noticing, And It gives a lively atmosphere

  • The essence of this traditional restaurant lies in the intersection of three main design elements: the juxtaposition of gorgeous black and yellow colors, ornate surfaces, and woven geometric patterns. The stunning restaurant features carved panels with intertwining natural colors and colorful walls to create an atmosphere of comfort for the visitor