Our story

  • The Triangle Group was established in 1989 by a group of engineers and technicians and specialized in engineering studies, construction work and maintenance of buildings. Then the group’s business evolved with the development of its cadres to include various engineering and commercial activities, and as a result, many specializations were created that follow the following sections:

  • Architectural Design and Decoration Department:  It includes the design of residential and commercial buildings (villas – malls – hotels – shops – cafes) and is carried out at the highest design foundations to achieve complete satisfaction among our customers. This includes architectural design and the study of spaces so as to achieve harmony among them and to achieve the highest level of comfort in use and make the most of spaces with the impression of luxury and sophistication, using distinct and consistent building materials It includes the following works:

  • Study and implementation of metal and concrete installations and halls. Implementation of industrial floors with hardening and refinement by helicopters. Implementation of colored and printed floors and floor systems.

  • Material and marketing department: Building and insulation materials (water, thermal) concrete additives (plasticizers, hardeners, hardening accelerators, epoxies, Robots, adhesives…) fibrin bristles prevent crack, concrete and gypsum

  • design department : Colorful and sealed floors. Replacement of natural stone, tiles, artificial stone, industrial granite and mosaic